photo credit: wren photography

we are

  • confident

  • current

  • refined

  • eclectic

  • romantic

we aren't

  • stuffy

  • fluffy

  • poofy

  • foofy

  • traditional

we do

  • require appointments

  • want to take your chances? give us a call! we may have an opening!

you'll find

  • dresses in the price range of $1000-$4000 (mostly in the $1500-$2500 range)

  • accessories to complete your look on the big day

  • a relaxing and cozy environment

  • bubbly or brew (pick your poison) in every appointment

we recommend

  • bringing anything you'll be wearing on your wedding day (shoes, undergarments, etc)

  • wearing nude underwear -- you'll thank us later

  • allowing at least 60 minutes for try-on

  • bringing only those that will support you, both with love and tact

  • beginning your dress search 8-10 months prior to your big day

    • in a hurry? no worries! we have something for you, too