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Moving Sale


SIZING: Samples are sized from 6-12 in street sizing (mostly 10s). If you are smaller, you can always have the gown altered to fit. If not, you have the option to purchase a new gown according to your measurements.

PREP: A sample sale is not the place to begin your dress search. Sample sales work best it you have been looking and are prepared to make a decision. Which brings us to our next point.

ONE PER STYLE: As there is only one gown per style, it is a ‘what you see is what you get’ scenario and the next bride may be interested in the same gown. This is not a ‘sleep on it’ situation. See point above.

APPOINTMENTS: There is are NO appointments. The dressing rooms will be first come, first serve and we’ll be on hand to help fit, but our attention may be divided among more than one bride.

CREW: This store is itty bitty on a good day, please bring only your closest crew. 1-2 people in your entourage is usually best anyway. Too many opinions can be confusing!