let's talk about women

this is not merely a long sappy love letter to our mothers and grandmothers. nor is it an overtly political statement on the current state of affairs and the majesty that was the women's march (2 weeks later and we are still reveling in awe of the women of this nation and beyond). it is more like both of those things wrapped up in one, while we sit here bumping each other's fists in admiration of all the women in our lives, in our communities, in our nation and in our extended personal and professional networks.

we already knew that our mothers and so many of the women we know are badass heroines in their own right. [we like to think we were molded in their fashion.] we knew that and we've been celebrating that our entire lives. so why the optimistic reflection at this time? well, there has to be some good news aside from beyonce's twins that will propel us forward through a time that will otherwise be defined by a misogynistic administration.

it is nearly impossible to find the silver lining in the extraordinarily heavy satirical cartoon rain clouds that have been hanging over all our heads. but if there is one, it is found in the power of women. women are amazing. and wont be held back or held down. by this administration or otherwise.

we work with all women designers...women we know and have met and we stand behind. included in the process of finding your dream wedding gown, is a chance to support women in business. your dress is coming to you through real people, from real people. and real women at that. thanks for supporting us, women in business, and for being awesome people and women yourselves.

*fist bump*