tylanna ever after

A + T = <3


describe your day in 3 words: Best. Day. Ever.

your song: Like Jesus Does - Eric Church

moment that made you laugh: Our priest was talking about how we are now one and came up with the perfect nickname - Tylanna. Everyone at the ceremony laughed and it will forever be "our" nickname now.

vow that made you tear up: We had traditional vows & I cried the entire time!

moment that made you scratch your head: I accidentally threw away the belt I purchased to go with my dress. The belt was THE REASON I bought the dress - it completed the look. We were late for the church already and I was not leaving the house without my belt. My mom searched through the garbage on her hand and knees and FOUND IT still wrapped in tissue paper inside the white bag I got from One Oak.

advice for future brides: No matter how hard you plan or how long you plan, things will not go according to plan. Relax and smile through it. Enjoy every second - it goes by way too fast!


Hair & makeup: Hair by Ellie (Ellie Siegert)
Florist & coordinator: Classic Designs by Doreen Thomas

photographer: Jesselyn Zbytowski Photography

any final thoughts?: I received so many compliments on my dress and cannot thank you enough for helping with my big day!