real bride inspo :: a + g :: yacht club love


describe your day in 3 words: very awesomely rowdy

your song: #34 DMB

moment that made you laugh: When all of the moms did a shot-ski; a mom-ski, if you will.

vow that made you tear up: I started a journal in 2014 about our journey and read from that. Some vows were 3.5 years in the making. I think it made everyone tear up.

moment that made you scratch your head: When I saw my brand new husband jumping off of the top of a boat into the bay in his suit.

love is never having to...: eat a pack of oreos and drink a bottle of wine alone.

advice for future brides: Create the wedding YOU would want to attend, not a wedding you THINK others want to attend!

any final thoughts?:

One Oak is amazing
Allen Kent is amazing
Grandview is amazing
My crew is amazing