Our Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

You found the one. You’ve received something, possibly shiny, to make it official. And now you’re making it legal. There’s this thing that happens now that everyone goes through as a rookie, and few are truly prepared for. You’ve begun wedding planning (dun dun dun). Here are our 5 biggest tips for you to make this process smooth, fun and altogether lovely.

  1. Pick your planner

    • Sure, a bonafide wedding planner may not be in the proverbial budget. It wasn’t in ours either, but if it is GET ONE. If not, find an amazing app or a super organized friend to keep things running smooth. You won’t regret a dime spent on this area and we guarantee if you choose the right person, you’ll send them Christmas cards for years to come. 
  2. Exercise romantic realism

    • Yes, this is your wedding. It is all about you and your love, but there are just some things that are. not. worth. it. What is more important? The shade of your runners or the relationship you’ll have with your in-laws forever? 

  3. Venue sets the tone

    • Big wedding? Small wedding? Eloping in the mountains? Gala in the city? Once this decision is made many other decisions fall into place. You make the rules, so we’ll be the first to tell you to tell us to shove off about it if you’re committed enough. Our point is that your venue (and time of year) may help dictate whether or not you’re wearing a fur stole.


    • We may be biased, but this is the absolute best part of wedding planning. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this your entire life, or you’ve never worn a dress before (and maybe aren’t starting now), this is going to be fun. 

  5. Enjoy the ride

    • From the planning process to the walk down the aisle, we hope you’re wearing a smile the entire time. One of our favorite wedding shenanigans is the bachelorette party. Seriously. This does not need to be phallic straws and skanky sashes (unless you’re into it, you do you). Grab your besties and have the bash of a lifetime. Adventure. Relax. Party. Repeat. Play games. Belly laugh. Get a sunburn. We promise it will be one of your favorite memories of your journey to the alter if done correctly. Planning your party in Traverse City? Our friends at One Oak Weekend have you covered from sun up to sun down.