right around the corner

december 23rd to be exact! that's the day our doors will officially be open for appointments. and we are nearly booked solid.


here's a quick look back at what we've been up to these last few months that brought us to this point.

october :

  • new york bridal fashion week
  • construction starts

november :

  • renee and annie get their hands dirty tearing out carpet and hammering things (mostly unnecessarily)
  • hands get even dirtier staining furniture
  • construction continues
  • stock orders are on their way

december :

  • construction continues
  • walls are painted
  • stock orders begin pouring in
  • construction is complete - woo!

current :

  • waiting on our occupancy permit...and moving in!
  • we should also probably get manicures

thanks for hanging in there, friends. we are beyond geeked to show off the shop. xo