new york bridal fashion week

you guys...we made it. first new york bridal fashion week (#nybfw) is said and done. that means that we have officially met (and fallen in love) with all of our designers. the shop is curated, the dresses are on their way, and we cannot be more excited. 

we did leave the big apple with a lesson or two we'll keep in mind for next time. the trip started innocently enough. i (renee) had to be in detroit already, so we decided annie would pick me up and we'd fly out of dtw on saturday morning. we made the most of it by going to ikea -- successful trip despite the lack of swedish meatballs for this half and half pair of vegetarian and gluten free diets. ideas were hatched. a couple office chairs were bought. 

and then the hysteria began. we rolled up to our park n' fly around 8 o'clock in the eve. to accurately envision the locale you'd need to picture a combination of the scaffolding scene of rush hour 2 and the entirety of the shining. we made the best of it (as is our way...when life gives you lemons, you day dream about throwing those lemons at your loud, disrespectful neighbors), split a bottle or so of pinot, and dozed off a little later than recommended considering our 3:30a wake up call. 

the 20 hour day was a high all its own. despite a minor set back or two -- i went to our first appointment with half my salad in my teeth -- we loved our first day at market and oozed with joy at the thought of knowing our vision is coming to life. 

day two was just as much of a thrill. we seriously love our designers and we know you will too. when we decided one oak bride would be more badass heroine, less damsel in distress we had these kind of women in mind.  we can't wait to share them with you. t minus 2 months and counting.