real bride inspo :: k + j :: magic love


describe your day in 3 words: magic, love, spinning

your song: Talking Heads, This must be the place

moment that made you laugh: my women, they support, love & radiate happiness and forever friendship. They make me laugh, calm me down, rub my back, make me eat!

Walking down the isle after the ceremony to the Top Gun theme song, upon John's request, it truly made the day amazing!

vow that made you tear up: Holding John's hands and watching him tear up. Our vows were a blur to be honest. I was shaking, smiling and crying pretty much the whole time.

When my mom and dad gave me away, I pretty much became a puddle right then and there.

moment that made you scratch your head: random people showing up to our ceremony that weren't invited and some reception crashers. In the end those little slip ups and uh ohs don't matter, but at the time your like "hey, wait a minute?!"

love is never having to...: be afraid of the future.

advice for future brides: Whoa.
Make sure you have a schedule for everything and everyone. Timing is important. Drink lots of water. Tell your loved ones how thankful you are for all that they have done, without them your wedding wouldn't have been possible.
Try so hard not to get upset or fight with your future husband, planning a wedding can be very stressful and taxing on a relationship.
Get away with your husband during the reception, hide and breathe, hug, talk about how they're feeling and readjust your clothes!

photographer: Jessie Zevalkink

vendors: Hair and Makeup: Naomi Washburn
Florist: Myself, my sister Katie Mae and good friend Emily Douglas
Wedding Coordinators: Myself, Jill James, Jaclyn Eikey, John Kehl
Caterer: George from Abundance Catering
Ceremony Venue: The Narrows Yacht Club, Lake Leelanau MI
Reception Venue: VFW hall, Lake Leelanau MI

any final thoughts?: If I could do it all again I wouldn't change a thing! Not even the rain, swampy feet or drunken speech! I am so thankful and grateful to the many people who selflessly helped plan, decorate, feed, pick up, drive, pay and volunteer their time to making our day so special.
Today is our one month anniversary and John and I are the happiest and most comfortable we've ever been.