spotlight :: northern mitten

we're opening an unconventional bridal shop in traverse city we said. ok...they said, as if it was a question. if you've never been to our little corner of the midwest you are missing out! there are so many reasons to visit. it is the perfect place to get married, have a bachelorette party, and/or, ahem, buy your wedding gown. truly, we could go on and on and on about it, but instead we've confined ourselves to just 10 things and then some photos.

  1. traverse city is on the 45th parallel, half way between the north pole and the equator. that means we make killer wine.
  2. tc is the cherry capital of the world. and we also really love movies. so we have an endless rolodex of festivals to prove these facts. the traverse city film festival is headed up by michael moore and its home base is our state theatre (voted by the MPAA as the #1 movie theater in the world. nbd.)
  3. we have this really cool old asylum that we've turned into a mini-village with restaurants, tasting rooms, shops, and hiking trails. some unruly teenagers used to sneak into the tunnels at night and throw parties. we don't know them personally.
  4. we are surrounded by fresh water. plus, the sleeping bear sand dunes.
  5. best ice cream in the world. says everybody.
  6. our foodie scene is pretty baller. just ask mario batali. not kidding. he's northern michigan's unofficial hype man.
  7. in addition to the 40+ wineries, there is an endless supply of award winning breweries, distilleries, cideries, and a personal favorite: tc whiskey co.
  8. if you like nature- we have that too. there's endless options for swimming, hiking, biking, camping, parasailing, hot air ballooning and more.
  9. weddings here kick ass. for real. the talent in this area in terms of vendors, venues, etc, is top caliber.
  10. oh, and it has this AMAZING new bridal shop downtown. check it out!