designer spotlight :: joanna august

joanna august is your maid's new best friend. other than you, of course. we wouldn't take that from you. here are 10 things that you need to know about our california lady friend.

  1. joanna august (or ja) is known for her signature wrap dresses. the trail blazer of mix-and-match maids, your girls can each find the style that feels good for their body type and preferences, while matching your vision.
  2. her journey into bridal fashion began with joanna's own august wedding in 2008...get it? joanna. august.
  3. joanna set out to be a film executive, but couldn't ignore her preference for fashion magazines over screenplays for too long.
  4. one of our personal favorite ja numbers is the jump suit. ja was one of the first to design separates and jumpsuits for bridesmaids.
  5. words that come to mind when we think ja: easy, breezy, beautiful. also, chic, fashion-forward, modern.
  6. the "sammy" convertible dress was inspired by the birth of ja's first child, samuel.
  7. ideas we love: mix-and-match colors and/or mix-and-match lengths.
  8. ja first hit the runway at the cannes film festival in 2010 on our 90s rom-com first love, meg ryan. <3
  9. joanna has two sons and a dog.
  10. as the bride you don't have to feel left out. a ja dress (maybe in white?!) is perfect attire for your rehearsal dinner, honeymoon or even a more casual wedding gown.