owner spotlight :: renee & annie

this is another 10 things, but there are 2 of us. so I guess it is 20 things. we're nothing if not good at math here at one oak bride. xo

:: renee ::

:: annie ::

  1. aka “nee” or “nee nee" or “baby nee” (but that last one is only allowed to be uttered by my mom and hubs)

  2. dog's name: disco volante. responds to “disco.” translation: flying saucer in italiano

  3. nombre de hubby: wes. he rides bikes and loves cookies

  4. little known fact: is a certified yoga teacher. namaste

  5. # 1 fan of: lavender hard cider. it’ll change your life

  6. go to look: straight hair, always. jeans and a black tee

  7. another little known fact: eats nachos at least once a week

  8. favorite date: packed picnic, dune hike, and a lake michigan swim

  9. most interesting job (pre one oak): crewed hot air balloon rides

  10. one oak bride's chief in charge of insta-stalking

  1. aka "annie" my real name is anne but i've always been an annie. anne is way to formal! 

  2. dog's name: luna or luna mae or bug. she's the resident office pup

  3. nombre de hubby: sam. he also rides bikes and keeps me sane

  4. little known fact: got my motorcycle license with my mom when i was 18

  5. # 1 fan of: a good veggie burrito 

  6. go to look: messy bun, flannel, black skinnies and some killer boots

  7. another little known fact: my hubby and i are high school sweethearts. cue the 'awwweeee'

  8. favorite date: bonfire, beers, and a deck of cards

  9. most interesting job (pre one oak): graveyard shift radio d.j. in college

  10. one oak bride's playlist curator