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Tips For Buying The Perfect Post-Lockdown Wedding Dress

While some people were perfectly fine with planning a wedding and having the ceremony performed during a lockdown, others preferred to wait until restrictions have been lifted. If you want to know about how things have changed and how you can ensure a positive and safe experience for all, here are some pointers from Reflections Bridal Shop Belfast that should be quite helpful.

Bring Fewer Guests

It used to be extremely common for people to bring several of their friends with them to offer opinions on dress selections, but this is no longer allowed at many shops. To keep everyone safe and reduce the chances of spreading germs, the number of people that are permitted at once is limited. You should bring no more than one or two people with you when going to try on dresses.

In order to be on the safe side, you should call ahead to find out the new rules. This will help you avoid being turned away once you arrive.

Wear A Mask

Face masks are not always comfortable, but they have been proven to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Make sure that you wear one when you arrive for your scheduled appointment at a dress shop. Staff will have masks on, but it is essential that you do the same. Also, ensure that it covers your nose and mouth since this provides the maximum level of protection.

Sanitize Your Hands

Since you will be touching dresses that are likely to have been tried on by other consumers, you need to sanitize your hands fairly often. Carry a small bottle of sanitizer and use it as often as possible. You may want to carry around moisturizer as well since many of these products contain alcohol and can leave you with dry hands. If you would prefer not to use a sanitizer, you should bring a pair of gloves with you.

Plan To Have Refreshments Later

Many shops used to offer refreshments to guests, but this is no longer the case since this means that you will have to remove your mask. Instead of being disappointed in this change, you should use this as an opportunity to plan a social outing with friends who could not attend the dress fitting. You can show them all of the pictures of the dresses you tried on while having food and/or drink at a local eatery.

Arrange A Pre-Consultation

Browsing for hours in the store looking for the perfect dress is another thing that has changed significantly. Most places will no longer allow shoppers to sift through their collections at random and try on endless options. Currently, many shops have online catalogues that you can browse beforehand to determine which ones you would like to try on once you are in the store.

The great thing is that based on the dresses you try and your individual preferences, the staff at the shop can help you find additional options if none of the ones you tried on were ideal for your upcoming wedding.

Bring Heels

It is common practice for shops to provide heels so you can gauge how the dress will look on your big day, but this is not offered anymore. To have the best idea of how things will look, you should bring along a pair of your own.

Things have changed significantly after lockdown, but this does not mean that you should allow yourself to get discouraged. As long as you consider all of the information that was provided here, you should have a good experience choosing the perfect thing to wear when you are ready to walk down the aisle and marry your beloved.